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These are pictures we received from Pastor Siama in Myanmar. He is happy to report the completion of their first ShareJOY well. He explained to us that in some of the villages around them the only clean water supply is a well run with a diesel motor to bring up the water. Unfortunately, the well is only run when the people of the village are able to pay for the diesel. Many of the people just do not have the funds to contribute and often the well is not run at all. When a ShareJOY well is placed in one of these villages, the pump is manual and everyone is freely given access! Along with this access, they are given the Living Water of the Gospel.

Here is what Pastor Siama says:

Thank you so much for all the donations for the wells!  The gospel was surely preached and many souls heard it.  We will continue to reach them with the gospel and we are so excited about it what the Lord is going to do a mighty work through us!

Thank you for having a part in this incredible ministry!

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